Saturday, October 3, 2015

Aholically Aholic is LIVE!

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OMG! This is really happening! I've always wanted to have my own blog and I really don't know what's stopping me to have one before. But finally, I had the courage to do one. And here I am! WITH. A. BLOG. OF. MY. OWN!

Why Ahollically Aholic? Well, I'm basically addicted to some things umm not the things probably running inside your head *inserts a cheeky grin here. Like reading. I'm addicted to reading. I can't live without reading a book. Yep, I'm a book slut, bookwhore, booknerd, bookgeek, booklover, bookaddict, whatever you name someone who reads all day everyday. So probably the majority of my posts will be about reading. And some other things I'm passionate about or like and love. Or some things I'm interested in and what caught my attention at the moment. Thus the generic blog name because I don't want to constrict myself from posting only one topic. You'll just have to wait and see my future posts.

Plus, it's unique. I fell in love with my blog name the first time I tried messing with it. And the domain is available the first time I tested it.

I'm still on the process of tweaking this site and slowly adding to content to the pages, so please bear with me

So, I guess this is it! Welcome ME to the blog world!


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